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Ecozone Anti-limescale Magnoloo Toilet Descaler Pack of 2

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Brand: Ecozone

Price: £9.95


Description: Chemical free, simple, long-lasting maintenance for your toilet Ecozone's Magnoloo is a long-term maintenance product that uses magnetic power to crystallise calcium particles in the water in the cistern of your toilet. This ultimately means that once the Magnoloo is placed into the tank, the water is softened to prevent limescale build-up from occurring. It is completely chemical free! With the Magnoloo you won't need harsh chemicals and bleaches to remove stains and watermarks! Maintains & prevents limescale build-up Chemical free Discrete application Long term, water softening solution How to use: 1) Lift the lid off toilet cistern. 2) Flush the toilet so water level falls in the cistern. 3) Place 1 Magnoloo into the cistern of the toilet. 4) Place lid back onto the cistern. Ecozone's mission is to 'make your home an ecozone ". Ecozone's aim is to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals found in our homes and to lessen household CO2 emissions in the process through our innovative & sustainable goods. Their core mission and aim is to be ecological and ethical but performance and quality of each product produced excels beyond other leading eco and non-eco brands. This evidence is supported by independent product testing and reports. It's not only eco, it's powerful too!.

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