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Aries Mottlock Non-Toxic Moth Box

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Brand: Aries

Price: £7.99


Description: The moth box consists of a textile-protected box, a sticking board integrated with pheromone (luring off) and detailed instructions. The pheromone vaporises into the immediate environment and attracts the male moths which cling to the adhesive surface. Once trapped on the adhesive board the females are not fertilised, so the amount of moths is slowly reduced. The number of moths caught give an indication of the extent of the infestation. This moth box can also be used to simply check if moths are present. Active life: 12 weeks afteropening protective packaging.

Category: Cleaning

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EAN: 4018874023175

MPN: 42389

Weight: 0.150000 kg

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Product ID: MOTTBOX-1