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Magnify Loofys Konjac  Facial Sponge (sensitive Skin)
Loofys Konjac  Facial Sponge (sensitive Skin)

Loofys Konjac Facial Sponge (sensitive Skin)

Category: Skincare
Brand: Loofy S
Description: The Konjac cleansing sponge replaces your cotton pads and gives your face a natural glow. This creates a beautiful, smooth and natural skin. The konjac sponge is ideal for cleaning the face and the light peeling gives the skin a new stimulus, which boosts blood circulation The Konjac facial scrub for sensitive skin is very suitable when you suffer from skin irritation. The moisturizing properties of this konyukka plant are mixed in the konjac facial scrub, giving your skin extra attention and stimulating its self-healing capacity.  Vegan Cleanses your face naturally for a beautiful, smooth and natural skin The sponge is made 100% from the root of the Konyakku plant. This product has been known in Japan, Korea and China for centuries. The Konjac sponge is a natural product made from flour-ground roots of the Konyakku plant. After the sponge has been pressed into the round shape together with water, the sponge is baked. The sponge will remain intact for approximately three months in use. When the Konjac sponge loses its effect, the sponge slowly crumbles. This makes it possible to use the sponge to the end. The scrub hardens when it is dry, but when you put it in the water for a few minutes, the konjac scrub expands and becomes super soft!
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EAN: 6013726153145
MPN: 6013726153145
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Loofy S Skincare 1 to 1 of 1