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Brooklyn Soap Skincare

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Magnify Brooklyn Soap Deodorant
Brooklyn Soap Deodorant

Brooklyn Soap Deodorant

Category: Skincare
Brand: Brooklyn Soap
Description: Brooklyn Soap's aluminum- and alcohol free deodorant spray for sensitive skin. The all-natural formulation is based on the power of silver. The male fresh scent of cedar, cypress and bergamot helps to prevent and neutralise underarm odour.  Enduring Freshness 0% Aluminium Refreshing, woody and invigorating scent Backs you even on a stressful day 100% natural No animal testing Made in Germany How to use: Let your armpits dry after a shower. Shake well so the essential oils blend. Thats how the product releases its full aroma diversity. Spray the deodorant in the desired quantity under the armpits. Reapply throughout the day as necessary.
Delivery cost: 5.75
EAN: 4260380011089
MPN: 19-BS108
Weight: 0.100000 kg
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Brooklyn Soap Skincare 1 to 1 of 1