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Soaplift Gray

Category: Cleaning
Brand: Soaplift
Description: Don’t let your soap turn into muck! Soap Lift is made of a multi-directional bioplastic that allows water to drain and air to circulate. They can be used in soap dishes, on shower shelves, or on countertops. Cleans remarkably well by simply holding it under running water and giving it a few squeezes. Approx. size: 2.75& Prime; x 4.25& Prime;. Can be trimmed to fit soap dishes, if necessary.  Durable, reusable and recyclable Makes your soap last longer Various colours available!  
Delivery cost: 5.75
EAN: 7106627763168
Weight: 0.100000 kg
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Product ID: SLGRAY
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Soaplift Cleaning 1 to 1 of 1