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Magnify Guppyfriend Washing Bag - Stop Micro Plastics
Guppyfriend Washing Bag - Stop Micro Plastics

Guppyfriend Washing Bag - Stop Micro Plastics

Category: Cleaning
Brand: Guppyfriend
Description: Scientifically proven to reduce micro-plastic pollution by reducing fibre shedding and preventing plastic micro-fibres from entering the rivers and seas. The washing bag filters the fibres that do shed, so no micro-plastic fibres are let out into the water system. When you wash your clothes tiny fragments are lost, fragments so small that they are not filtered when water is processed and filtered at the water treatment plants and so these fibres find their way into the rivers and oceans where they are then consumed by marine life and so finding their way into the food chain. The Guppyfriend laundry bag filters micro-fibres out and so after a few uses you can take out the caught fibres and put them in the recycling. The bag also helps extend the life of your clothes as the bag has a soft surface which leads to less loss of fibre from your garments. Do your bit to help reduce plastic pollution today. The German textile research institute - Fraunhofer Institut UMSICHT - has found that the Guppyfriend washing bag prevents 86% of fully-synthetic and 79% of partly-synthetic fibres from escaping. How to use: 1 - Put your synethic garmets into the bag, separating colours as you would normally.2 -   Close the Guppyfriend washing bag and put on your wash as normal.3 - After washing remove your wet garments and then remove any microfibres from the hems of the Guppyfriend and dispose of properly.4 - It is recommended that washing powder is not used with this product but to use liquid detergent for best results. Wash at low temperatures.         Size: 50 x 70cm Made from 100% untreated Polyamide 
Delivery cost: 5.25
EAN: 4031874512791
Weight: 0.400000 kg
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Guppyfriend Cleaning 1 to 1 of 1