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Category: Cleaning

Brand: Avril

Description: Avril furoshiki? It's the green packaging par excellence! Create a superb gift wrapping then reuse this square of organic cotton fabric a thousand ways!  Foliage print 32 x 32 cm Organic cotton How to use a furoshiki?- For gift wrapping, a scarf, headband, bracelet, purse or backpack, bottle holder, tea towel...-  For gift wrapping, place it flat with your object in the centre. Tie two opposite corners together. and do the same with the other two.  Simple  How to wash your furoshiki- Machine wash at 30 ° with similar colours or better, by hand. Let it dry in the open air as it may shrink in the dryer. A little iron and it's like new!

Delivery cost: :5.75

EAN: 3662217009183

MPN: 918

Weight: 0.020000 kg

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Avril Cleaning 1 to 1 of 1