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Category: Bodycare Appliances

Brand: Acala

Description: Acala reusable, washable, grey-black felt pads made from off cuts of wool which woudl have otherwise gone into landfill.  They have a mildly abrasive surface which is perfect for helping to  remove nail varnish.  To extend the life of your reusable nail polish remover pads, Acala recommend washing them with a bar soap as soon as you've finished using them to remove any nail varnish on the pads. Then lay them out to dry. If using traditional nail varnish remover, the pads will harden a little with use but this will not detract from their effectiveness. As they are made from wool, hand washing is best. These removal pads should last a decent length of time, at which point they can be cut up and composted. Size 8x8 cm. A zero waste product. Handmade in the UK. recycled paper cover packaging You can use any nail varnish remover solution with these pads, although we recommend opting for a natural remover that's better for you and the planet if possible. 

Delivery cost: :5.75

EAN: 5060704340104

MPN: 5060704340104

Weight: 0.500000 kg

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Acala Bodycare Appliances 1 to 1 of 1