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Magnify Travel Buddy Soap Box By Foamie Travel Buddy Soap Box By Foamie -

Category: Bathrooms and Accessories

Brand: Foamie

Description: On the go? No space to hang up your shampoo, conditioner & body bars? Meet the Travel Buddy! The Travel Buddy is an innovative travel box with a removable shelf that helps to keep your bars separate from residual water, extending the life of your FOAMIE bars if you are unable to hang them to dry. No more soap tray slush! It's perfect for taking your soap out too, of course! Gym, trips away from home... The lid has a silicone seal which is 100% water tight, and the entire product is made from 80% wheat straw and 20% recycled plastic so fully recyclable. It is compact and light, offering easy cleaning with the removable inlay. Size: 10cm x 6 cm at the base, expanding to 13cm x 8.5cm at the top and has a depth of approx. 4cm After seeing that today's consumers were no longer excited by the humble bar of soap, a team of beauty enthusiasts came together at FOAMIE to re-invent the once-loved family favourite. By removing the 'soap' and creating a solid cleansing bar, the team were able to create a base for all of their products that was perfectly p H- Balanced for your skin and hair. FOAMIE launched in Germany in 2018, and quickly found love from their customers thanks to striking designs, tongue-in-cheek communication and innovative product design. We are now on a mission to Think Outside the Bottle and re-invent the way you think about your bathroom routine, with planet-friendly solutions that function as you would expect, smell incredible, and leave a lasting effect on your skin and hair.

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