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Magnify Ecodoo Baby-safe Washing Up Liquid Ecodoo Baby-safe Washing Up Liquid -

Category: Baby Products

Brand: Ecodoo

Description: Cleans and degreases baby utensils (baby bottles, teats, dummys, Breast pumps, teething rings, etc.) Easy to rinse Hypoallergenic: minimizes the risk of allergic reactions Allergen-free, free from dye or fragrance Free from essential oils How to use: One spray for about 10 litres of water, two for a very dirty items. Ecodoo Baby- Safe Washing Up Liquid is part of the range of Ecodoo speciality cleaning products.  Tackle dirt, grease and grime in every inch of your home with Ecodoo eco-friendly cleaning products, from hypoallergenic multi-purpose cleaners to descale and limescale removers.  Explore the full range of popular  Ecodoo products, including household cleaning essentials and  Ecodoo dishwashing products, available from Big Green Smile.

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EAN: 3380380078798

MPN: 7879

Weight: 0.500000 kg

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