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Magnify Water Wipes - Baby Wipes
Water Wipes - Baby Wipes

Water Wipes - Baby Wipes

Category: Baby Products
Brand: Dermah2o
Description: Revolutionary baby wipes researched and tested with microbiologists and toxicologists. 99.9% water Suitable from birth Preservative free Non-irritant Extra soft and non-greasy Avoids nappy rash Patented technology has allowed Water Wipes to develop the world’s purest and mildest baby wipes, containing only 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. Water Wipes contain none of the chemicals and synthetic additives found in other baby wipes. And because their product essentially contains just purified water, it is likely to be much less irritating for a baby’s skin than some commercial baby wipe products, which may cause nappy rash and skin conditions such as eczema in babies and young children.  
Delivery cost: 5.00
EAN: 5099514041215
MPN: 75247
Weight: 0.590000 kg
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Dermah2o Baby Products 1 to 1 of 1